Customer Acquisition Funnels

Create a multistage process that will convert strangers into loyal buyers

New customer acquisition is a crucial need of every business. If you're not attracting new, qualified, paying customers then your brand will quickly stagnate and decline.

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How we build customer acquisition funnels

It is all centered around understanding the consumer’s mindset at each stage of the buying cycle.

And then building a multistage process of content, engagement and messages that moves the consumer from awareness to consideration to purchase.


Prospecting is the first step in the sales process, which consists of identifying potential customers, aka prospects. The goal of prospecting is to develop a process and channel for likely customers usually using behavioral and demographic targeting. We sometimes also use machine learning. 

Lead Magnets

Creating useful and magnetizing content pieces for lead generation and prospecting purposes. These include Guides, webinars, quizzes and whitepapers. 

Persuasion and consideration 

Defining and producing the needed messages, content and communication to deeply convince, persuade and encourage customers to choose your product over other options is one of the most important steps of the funnel also known as middle of the funnel (MOF)


Ultimately being able to convert leads into buyers is the end goal for most organizations. Building out the bottom of the funnel and optimizing for conversions is an art and a science that we have deep expertise in.  

Funnel optimization

Acquisition funnels are not one size fits all and building a working funnel is more of a process hence the need for rigorous testing and optimisation of each step until we get there and even then funnels need continuous management and maintenance. 


Being able to automate pieces of the funnel will help you scale your marketing efforts and improve your lead management, nurturing and prospecting. 

Why you need a funnel

Because buying is not an event it’s a process. 

Not all customers will view your products or services the same way, and not all your customers have the same mindset while viewing your products and services. so your aim should be to understand how they move through the process of interacting with your brand, right through to the purchase and according design the needed content to persuade and convince them of buying.

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Step 1

Consumer and offering insights 

Developing a deep understanding of the consumer and their persona as well the client offering and really drivers behind the product market fit. 

Step 2

Building the funnel stages

This step involves all the hard work of content creation, page building, performance marketing and audience targeting to funnel the customers through the different stages. 

Step 3


We work to optimize the funnel to ensure that you’re getting the most out of it looking for bottlenecks, frictions and leakages improving conversion rates at each step. 

Our Process

A keen interest in understanding the consumer and what really gets them to pull the trigger. 

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Case Study

Building a customer acquisition funnel for  Nowpay generating 1,950 B2B Leads 

A B2B lead generation and authority building strategy for HR and Benefits departments using LinkedIn outreach, Webinars, Video marketing, Email sequences, and omnipresence.

Mostafa Ashour
CEO - Nowpay
B2B Leads Generated
Past Clients we help in customer acquisition
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