Talent Reinvention 

Build your team's capacity to better manage your digital future.  

Empower commercial managers with deep knowledge on how digital can impact their business and Improve their ability to better design and implement digital strategies. 

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How do we do Talent Reinvention 

We focus on actionable hands on knowledge transfer to your teams in key areas of digital. 

Expose your business leadership to the digital landscape in the future and give them the tools and knowledge they need to deliver the digital results you need. 

Content Strategy 

Understand the customer mindset at different stages and creating a content strategy and map that addresses the customer needs. creating an editorial calendarGenerating content ideas. Repacking content into different types. Using content for lead generation and sales. Tools for content creation. Defining goals and measuring content success.

Web and Social Analytics

Intro to Social and Google Analytics. Understanding the metrics, measurement and terminology and what they mean and how managers can use them for better management. Design and generate custom segments and reports. Set KPIs for your digital campaigns and learn to evaluate your performance. Advanced insights in Google analytics. 


Understanding how search engines work. On-Page Optimization & On-off OptimizationResearching keywords & Optimizing pages for keywords. Optimizing code and site structure. Link Building. Analyzing content quality & Defining your audience, topics, angle, and style. Measuring SEO effectiveness.
Understanding how search marketing, Creating an AdWords account & Using ad groupsResearching keywords with the Keyword Planner tool, Targeting locations and languages, Writing great ad headlines and copy, Setting campaign budgets and bidding, Measuring ROI, Advanced Adwords tactics, Optimizing performance for conversions.

Facebook Advertising 

In-depth details of Facebook advertising types and tools, Advanced TargetingBuilding custom audiences, Understanding ad bidding and pricing, Facebook ad designs best practices and latest trends. Building funnels for Facebook ads, Measuring performance and ROI.

Conversion optimization 

Designing a robust user experience and customer journey that will translate into salesConversion optimization. Getting more out of your current digital platform. Using consumer psychology to convert and motivate customers. Copywriting for the digital consumer.

Digital Planning and Budgets

Key Strategy & Planning Concepts. Planning & Information Gathering. Setting correct measurement and objectives. Digital Budgeting and forecasting. 

Why you need talent reinvention

Lack of internal capacity could be the reason why you're not getting better results from your digital channels. 

Whether you are thinking of in-housing your digital team or better managing agencies and third parties, knowledge and expertise is the most important ingredient that will help you get more out of the digital tools. 

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Step 1

Evaluating Gaps and Needs

We will interview and survey your teams to better understand where they stand in terms of digital knowledge. We look at the tasks they conduct daily, the issues they are facing in terms of performance, their level of proficiency and expertise and the areas where they need to be developed. 

Step 2

Curriculum design and customization. 

We start to design a curriculum based on the best practices and the implementation strategies and tactics we use on a daily basis. 

Step 3


At this step we organize the delivery days where most of the time the delivery would involve hands-on implementation from your teams with guidance from our experts. 

Our Process

Designing a hands-on curriculum that fills the knowledge gap for your team giving them actionable knowledge they can implement of real short term results.  

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Case Study

Digital capacity building and Ecommerce training for EBRD

We helped EBRD prepare their team for digital transformation and eCommerce. 

Noha Sadek
EBRD Analyst
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Past Clients we trained
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