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Components of our digital strategy 

A Strategy to align the organization for execution and results.

A digital strategy is a plan for using the digital tools and techniques to achieve your firm’s strategic objectives, such as brand building or leads or sales.

Goals definition and offering

Identifying the Northstar metric and key business objectives the strategy needs to deliver as well as develop an in-depth definition of your offering including your differentiators, brand essence, and positioning. 

Consumer journey and competitive research

Audience definition comes next looking at the customer persona, key motivators, needs, buying triggers, and emotions. Then we start to map out the customer journey as well as an overview audit of the competition looking at what they are doing, and how they are doing it extracting benchmarks and insights for future activities. 

Channels and infrastructure

Looking at the different channels where your brand can reach and impact the target consumer exploring identifiers and profiling. Channels usually include social, PPC, Search, and email. We will also look at all the needed infrastructure from websites, CRMs, landing pages ..etc

Funnel and Content strategy

Understanding the funnels that the organization needs to build and the content associated with these funnels as each stage of the buying journey including the marketing messaging and content types from designs to videos. 

Digital tactics

This is where we start looking at the different tactics that we should utilize to reach, engage and persuade the consumer. From paid social campaigns to search strategy, webinars, videos and email marketing, and everything in between. 

Budgets, KPIs, and tracking

We plan out your digital spending and budgets as well as your KPIs and key metrics to track. 

Why you need content marketing

Having a solid roadmap that you can follow will maximize the chances you get there.

A digital strategy will help you outline and create a clear path to strategic goals. It will also help you determine benchmarks to hit, and the tactics that will lead you to success. In addition, it will help you identify the people and resources you need. To do this, determine what success looks like for you and create your strategy around it to help you get there.

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Step 1

Research, audits, benchmarking, and insights

We will be conducting primary and secondary research, interviews, and desktop audits to gather the needed insight for the strategy development. 

Step 2

Objectives and Goals definition 

determine what success looks like for you and create your strategy around it to help you get there.

Step 3

Strategy development 

Our strategy is co-developed with your team to ensure we are incorporating your organization’s know-how and understanding of the situation on the grounds. 

Our Process

A strategy that is co-developed with your team and incorporates years of implementation experience. 

When it comes to digital growth have a well thought out strategy key.

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Case Study

How we helped Karma Diabetic Clinic develop a digital strategy to serve more diabetic patience

Karma diabetic clinic is offering a quite innovative model to diabetic care in Egypt with a one stop shop concept brining a wide array of chronic disease specialist under one roof to manage patience with a holistic 360 degree approach.

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