eCommerce and Tech Development Advisory

Strategic advisory for building functioning technology. 

We will guide you through the difficult possess of building eCommerce platforms that sell and platforms that function. 

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How we help on eCommerce and Tech Advisory

We focus on best practices in usability, conversion optimization and customer centric design.

We approach tech and eCommerce development with a customer experience mindset. Approaching every step of the process from their perspectives. 

Needs and technology assessment 

Understand what exactly you want to build and even more importantly what your customers are looking for. We deeply analyze all the benchmarks, best practices and current trends, conduct customer research, and technology assessments to identify the best path forward and minimise that chances for costly mistakes. 

Mockups and design requirements

We help you create the needed mockups and UI and UX and customer journeys on your platforms. We also work on creating the features and functionality lists and prioritize them for development. 

Managing technology development 

Technology development is not a task, it's a complex process and like anything that has many moving parts, having the management expertise of such a process will help get you there faster and cheaper. We work with you to select the right trusted partners and manage them on your behalf to maximize the chances of your tech success. 

Why you need eCommerce and Tech Advisory

To avoid the waste of money and time to build something that is not working well. 

More than often than none we are presented with struggling tech colutiona nd eCommerce websites that fail to deliver due to design stage errors, mistakes and inexperience. Usually clients regret not meeting us earlier before that had sunk cost and time just to realise their mistakes.

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Step 1

Needs identification

At this stage we look at the customer experience we are striving to build and market benchmarks and trends. We not only focus on the technology side but also the content and the full customer journey. In addition we study the business and commercial implications of such a solution. 

Step 2

Tech selection, mockups and features  

At this stage we look at the different tech stacks that are needed to get your solution built. This will include looking at different open source and cms platforms as well. Then we created the mockups and wireframes as well as the feature list and content maps. The conclusion of this stage is a complete set of needed documents and requirements to accurately brief the best development and technical teams without gaps, errors or major changes. 

Step 3

Development management 

At this step we manage the development process from contracting to testing and every step in between. 

Our Process

Minimize the delays, mistakes and cost associated with building low performing platforms.  

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Case Study

Building an award winning world class innovation portal. 

Building an Innovation hub for Egypt where the startups, industry and different stakeholders can collaborate, learn and organize to enhance Innovation in the ecosystem. 

Innovation portal in MENA
Case Study

New Giza University Website 

Building a content hub and portal for New Giza University with startandsr comparable to some of the world leading institutes. Portal was delivered in 3 weeks. 

Award winning
University website
Past Clients we developed strategies for
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