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Our Solutions

We help brands achieve their business objectives using the different digital tools

Everything we do is with the sole purpose of tying your marketing spending to your business objective creating more scalable ROI on all your marketing activities.

Digital Strategy

We partner with CEOs and other C-Suite executives to create a road map for the businesses digital future. Our digital strategies are built by practitioners and implementors that know the difference between theoretical plans filled with buzz words and detailed strategies that are grounded with real world implementation and operational expertise.

Digital growth strategy
Digital implementation plans
Landscape research, benchmarking and user insights
Business model innovation and monetization strategies

Building Customer Acquisition Funnels

Building detailed customer journeys that will convert strangers into buyers through a multistep funnel.

Content strategy development
Customer persuasion and consideration
Conversion optimization
Nurturing and retention

Performance Marketing

Connecting paid advertising with ROI combined with rigorous testing, tracking and optimization to bring the best results possible in each activity and funnel step.

Facebook & Google Advertising
Display Advertising

Content Marketing

Creating persuasive and high converting content. We strategize and create content that tells your story, express your expertise and credibility and simply explains the results you can deliver.

Content Strategy
Content Planning
Content Development
Webinars, Lead magnets, quizzes and guides
Video content development

eCommerce and Tech Development

Helping your teams build eCommerce portals with best practises ensuring high performance and ROI.

eCommerce Portal Development
Product development planing
Consulting on UI, UX and copy

Talent Reinvention

Helping you build internal capacity within your organization empowering your team to better manage with the digital tools of the future.

Digital capacity building and training
Templates and process development
Organizational review
About Us

Everyone has a story.
We have one too.

Boost was founded by a team digital strategy consultants who moved into the relentless world of tech entrepreneurship. This gave us the agility of being the team that can shape the big picture and create roadmaps while having the capabilities and expertise of implementing and delivering these plans brining impact to our clients.

About Us
Our Process

A simple, yet powerful and  efficient process

Over the years and with countless engagements under our belt we have developed a process that has proven effective and

1. Understanding the customer journey

We start off our engagements by extracting insights from the customer looking at their needs, drivers and motivations. We interview your team and research the competition building out the customer profile and their buying journey as well as identifying the messaging and channels.

2. Building the acquisition funnel

For Step two we start to build out the acquisition funnel looking at ways to prospect new clients, building audience groups and designing the needed content for driving persuasion and consideration. We will also analyze the converting experience and putting in place nurturing and retention tactics.

3. Growth & Scale

We then start to drive traffic and analyze the funnel metrics at each stage optimizing and scaling campaigns for growth.

Case Studies

The results speak for themselves

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Boosting Zooba's online ordering in Egypt and the US

Helping Zooba grow its online ordering platform for Egypt and NYC using customer acquisition funnels

Increase in ROAS
Increase in online customer activation
Ling Makeup

How Ling used a 5-day challenge funnel to generate more than 1200% ROI on her marketing spending

Ling is an award-winning makeup artist and bestselling author who owns a leading makeup coaching business out of BC Canada.

ROI on Ad Spending
Makeup artists

Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

We take great pride in our reputation and relationships with our partners.

"Boost was working hard looking at our entire customer journey on multiple platforms trying to optimize for lead generation and coming up with strategies and content ideas to achieve our objectives generating 1,950 B2B Leads for us."

Mostafa Ashour
CEO Nowpay

"Boost has helped us tremendously to archive your challenging goals and have a key partner in our success story"

Noha Sadek
Analyst EBRD Egypt

"The Boost team was very cooperative following up on every task and even working outside their working hours and scope to deliver results. The team was always sticking to weekly meetings and coming up with initiatives and proposals to boost sales "

Mariam Morcos
eCommerce Manager

Browse our insights on growth marketing

Here is where we express our opinions and share our know how on the latest and greatest in the world of growth marketing.

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The most common reasons why your ecommerce Facebook ads have a low ROAS

In this article, we explore the four most common reasons why your eCommerce Facebook ads may have a low return on ad spend (ROAS). At Boost, with experience spending more than $1 million on Facebook ads, we share these insights and strategies to help improve your ad performance and increase your ROAS.

March 24, 2023

Is your checkout experience killing your sales? 6 common mistakes and how to fix them

A complicated checkout process can lead to cart abandonment, resulting in lost sales for eCommerce businesses. Middle East shoppers have different preferences, so businesses should simplify the checkout process, offer popular payment options, display customer reviews, provide detailed shipping information, and offer checkout options in multiple languages. Too many steps, confusing navigation, limited payment options, lack of trust signals, inadequate shipping information, and limited language options are the most common reasons for a complicated checkout process. By doing so, businesses can increase the conversion rate and drive more sales in the Middle East.

March 24, 2023

Four Major Reasons Why Your Company’s Digital Marketing Isn’t Working

While Covid-19 has certainly staggered a lot of businesses, there seems to be no end to the growth and development of online marketing companies and agencies.In this regard, Sherif Makhlouf, CEO at Boost, says, however, almost every business has hopped onto the bandwagon, it has also left plenty of them handicapped with direction, driving them on the precipice of nonentity.

March 24, 2023

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